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He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool — shun him!

He who knows not and knows that he knows not is ignorant — teach him!

He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep — wake him!

He who knows and knows that he knows is a leader — follow him!

"The advantage of doing one's praising to oneself is that one can lay it on so thick and exactly in the right places" (Samuel Butler).
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West Virginia School of Preaching, Moundsville, WV, concluded its first year of operation June 30, 1995. Six full-time students participated in the inaugural year of WVSOP. Emanuel Daugherty is the director of the school located 9 miles south of Wheeling, WV, on St. Rt.2. For more information phone (304) 845-8001.

Doyle Kee of Switzerland advises that the churches in Northern Cameroon and Chad are doing well with hundreds of students taking Bible correspondence courses. One convert, David Nassa, after attending the Bible school in Jos, Nigeria, helped to establish 10 congregations in Chad. A new Bible-training center for French-speaking Africa has been established in Cotonou, Benin.

Manlif Barnes is the director of the Central Alabama School of Biblical Studies, sponsored by the Shades Mountain church in Birmingham, Ala. For more information about this new school contact brother Barnes at 959 Alford Ave., Birmingham, AL 35226, or phone (205) 822-4006.
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More on Calvin and His Tiger

Calvin: "I'm a great believer in the value of novelty. I say anything new is good by definition! It can shock, insult, or offend me, so long as it doesn't bore me! If you can't give me something new, then repackage the old so it looks new! Novelty is all that matters! I won't pay attention if its not fresh and different!"

Hobbes (the tiger): "I see why timeless truth doesn't sell."

Calvin: "Give me a good flash in the pan any day."

End of comic strip.
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Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe was heckled by 200 gay and lesbian activists at the Jan Smuts airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. Some of the protesters were dressed in drag. Mugabe barred homosexual organizations from participating in Zimbabwe's International Book Fair saying, "Associations of sodomists and sexual perverts deserve no rights."

Seventy U.S. Congressional representatives, led by Rep. Barney Frank of Mass., wrote a protest letter to Mugabe. "Let the Americans keep their sodomy, bestiality, stupid and foolish ways to themselves," Mugabe responded. "In Zimbabwe gays shall remain a very sad people."
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San Jose

A friend sent us a few pages from the San Jose Mercury News (Aug. 6, 1995) detailing marriages between same sex couples. For the most part it was two women "marrying" each other. The paper reported that one of the women "marched down the aisle with her parents." The ceremony was conducted by Stanford University chaplain Robert Greeg. The woman said, "It's wonderful for any bride to have your parents there." Hmmm! Who is the bride, pray, and who the groom? Are they both brides? The article declared that two men, Steve (what is that old joke about Adam and Steve?) Lund and Chris Campbell, were "married" last year.

"Be fruitful and multiply.... " Fruitful ... yeah, pretty fruity. Multiply ... no way!
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Do Genes Cause Homosexuality?

Human Events (July 7, 1995) reports that Dean Hamer's study favoring the idea that genetics determine homosexual behavior is under attack. Nearly two years after the study, John Crewdson, after a lengthy investigation, says that no other laboratory has confirmed Hamer's findings.

According to Crewdson, Hamer and his lawyers are "defending" his study before the [government's] Office of Research and Integrity, which is investigating allegations by one of Hamer's collaborators that he selectively reported his data in ways that enhanced the study's conclusions. Hamer refused to respond to written requests for comment delivered to his laboratory and home.
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William Smith says a wedding should begin long before the invitations go out. Here are seven suggestions for preparing for your child's wedding while the child is still small: (1) Pray for your child and his or her future mate. (2) Instill the value of sexual chastity. (3) Guide your child as he or she begins to show interest in the opposite sex.... Casual dating is an opportunity for the young to experience each other as the opposite sex and learn how to relate to each other.... Serious dating is for seeking a marriage partner and preparing for marriage. (4) Establish the principle that Christians may marry "only in the Lord," which means, of course, to marry according to God's instructions about marriage ... no same sex marriages ... lifetime partners.... Do not marry someone who is not free to marry. (5) Give your child the example of a good Ephesians 5 marriage ... a relationship that is happy, thoughtful, and stable. (6) Get across that God hates divorce.
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Think About It

Cal Thomas, noted newspaper columnist, made the observation, "Those who once were keepers of the gateways of learning have little left to offer. Their fields have been impoverished; ... college professors ... denounce falsehood and injustice while teaching that truth and justice are illusions." J. Allen Smith, the father of modern education reforms, confessed: "The trouble with us reformers is that we have made reform a crusade against all standards. Well, we have smashed them all, and now neither we nor anyone else has anything left."

Change crusaders in the church should please take notice.
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NEA Resolutions

More than 8,000 delegates to the National Education Association's annual convention gathered in Minneapolis over the Fourth of July weekend. Among many resolutions adopted were the following:

B-8. Sexual Orientation Education. The National Education Association recognizes the importance of raising the awareness and increasing the sensitivity of staff, students, parents, and the community to sexual orientation in our society. The Association, therefore, supports the development of positive plans that lead to effective ongoing training programs for educating employees for the purpose of identifying and eliminating sexual orientation stereotyping in the educational setting. Such programs should attend to but not be limited to —

  1. Accurate portrayal of the roles and contributions of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people throughout history, with acknowledgment of their sexual orientation.
  2. The acceptance of diverse sexual orientation and the awareness of sexual stereotyping whenever sexuality and/or tolerance of diversity is taught.
  3. Elimination of sexual orientation name-calling and jokes in the classroom.
  4. Support for the celebration of a Lesbian and Gay History Month as a means of acknowledging the contributions of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals throughout history.
B-35. Sex Education. The association recognizes that the public school must assume an increasingly important role in providing the instruction. Teachers and health professionals must be qualified to teach in this area and must be legally protected from censorship and lawsuits. The Association urges its affiliates and members to support appropriately established sex education programs, including information on sexual abstinence, birth control and family planning, diversity of culture, diversity of sexual orientation, parenting skills, prenatal care, sexually transmitted diseases, incest, sexual abuse, sexual harassment. To facilitate the realization of human potential, it is the right of every individual to live in an environment of freely available information, knowledge, and wisdom about sexuality.

The Firm Foundation is shocked that more than 4,000 delegates to the convention would vote "aye" on these resolutions. Maybe each of us should check with our local school board and parent-teacher association to see if any of them think it is wise to teach our young ones that being queer is not queer.
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How's That?

Louis Farrakhan and his group, The Nation of Islam, are heirs of a black triumphalist sect founded in Detroit in 1930 by W.D. Fard. From the beginning, its disciples have believed that all non-black races are the products of a prehistoric breeding experiment conducted on the island of Patmos by Dr. Yacub, a malcontent exiled from an original black Eden centered in Mecca. The role of whites, the most degenerate of the half-breeds, has been to persecute blacks until the appearance of a Messenger (Fard) who would reveal the truth and set black minds free. This was what Elijah Muhammad believed, what Malcolm X believed, until he converted to orthodox Islam, what Louis Farrakhan has believed for 40 years.
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The United States Congress opened the door to federal funding for research conducted on live human embryos. The National Institute for Health impaneled a tribunal of 19 men and women to "recommend ethical guidelines" for splicing, dicing, cloning, and flushing down the drain newly conceived humans. The tribunal consists of "scientists, ethicists, lawyers, patient advocates, a religion professor, a sociologist and a philosopher." Panel chairman, Steven Muller, president emeritus of Johns Hopkins University, and a former embryo himself, had indicated in words paraphrased by the Washington Post, that "the panel would probably steer a course that allowed some research to proceed while denying funds for other projects that are ethically objectionable or scientifically worthless."

Human embryos, reports the Washington Post, could also be used in experiments to "test suspect chemicals." Here the human embryo would be raised up in a laboratory dish past the point at which it can be artificially implanted in a mom/surrogate/ customer. Once big enough to provide useful data, the embryo would be bombarded with a "suspect chemical" to see what happens to it. For the little humans drafted into this program—nobody gets out alive.

Animal rights activists would not allow this to happen to pigs or spotted owls, but nobody seems to care about human embryos. We have been desensitized by abortion and the wholesale destruction of human life. May God have mercy on those of us who sit silent while such slaughter and confusion is prevailing.
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Reason Magazine (April 1994) reports that most serious drug abusers either die or get their problems under control, with or without treatment. Treatment is not a prerequisite to controlling drug consumption, or even to abstinence. Most drug users who quit, whether heroin addicts or tobacco addicts, do so without treatment.
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Good Idea

Jeffrey Hart made an astounding discovery. "I have come up with a cure for AIDS, and I await my Nobel Prize. The cure will not cost taxpayers a dime. AIDS will disappear in 15 years if homosexual men find some other mode of satisfaction besides sodomy and people stop exchanging dirty needles. These reforms should not be impossible to achieve.
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Contemporary Songs

Steven V. Taylor has arranged 50 contemporary songs. To help us better appreciate the great worth and value of some of these songs, we here reproduce the words.
My Turn Now
Well, it's my turn now.
Well, it's my turn now,
My turn to give my life away.
Well, it's my turn now.
Well, it's my turn now.
Well, it's my turn now,
My turn to give my life away.
My turn to say I love Him,
My turn to let Him know
My life is His, so where He leads me —
That's where I will go.
Sing, Shout, Clap
Sing, shout, clap your hands;
Give praise unto your Maker,
Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.
Sing, shout, clap your hands;
Give praise unto your Maker,
For the Lord, He is Almighty God.
This is the day of celebration;
This is the day to rejoice!
The Lord, our God, is our Deliverer.
So let's just praise His name.
I Love You, O My Lord! I love you,
O my Lord; I love you, O my Lord,
My Rock, my Savior, my Deliverer —
I love you, O my Lord;
I love you, O my Lord.
There's more, but you get the point. These "new" songs are just dandy. They are a responsible challenge to our traditions. They represent renewal, restoration, life change, vibrant churches, and effective evangelism; they refine our theology and our practice of worship. As you can see, the words are superficial. The important thing is the beat. If performed to a beat like that of African tribal music resulting in jumping and jerking, they really give a new worship experience. They are so much better than those old, tired, worn-out, lifeless songs like "A Mighty Fortress is Our God," "Tell Me the Story of Jesus," and "I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord."

It is grand to be liberated.
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