Welcome to everyone. We pray that everyone will be encouraged and edified by our time together today and that God will be pleased with our worship to Him.

Our speakers today will be:

Morning Worship – Chris Page

Evening Worship – Mike Gray

News and Notes


REMEMBER IN PRAYER: Don and Sylvia Snure, Billie and Jack Cartwright, Lynda Russell, Marie Orgar and Becky Morgan.

Remember all of these in your prayers and thank God for prayers answered.

BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES: Happy Birthday today to Victoria Prowse and to Don Burgoin who celebrates on the 5th and Susan Hearst who celebrates on the 7th. Happy Anniversary to John and Caralyn Martin who celebrate on the 11th. May God bless you in the coming year.

KEY TO THE KINGDOM: Michael Tackett from Key to the Kingdom will be presenting a special meeting at Strathmore Church of Christ from November 8-10. Details are on the back bulletin board.

GOSPEL MEETING: On November 10-13 Fenwick will be having a Gospel meeting with Earl Greene as the keynote speaker. Please see the notice on the back bulletin board for details.

BRIDAL SHOWER: All the ladies are invited to a Miscellaneous Bridal Shower for Shanna Tubman on November 9 at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Dianne Gardner.

BULLETIN BOARD: Please check the back bulletin board for upcoming events in the area and newsletters.

CALENDARS: Please mark your calendars for the following events:



Pantry: Thank you for the great response for the month of October. For the month of November we request canned fruit. Your help is greatly appreciated.



One day a harsh word said

Upon an evil journey sped;

And like a sharp and cruel dart;

It pierced a fond and loving heart;

It wrought hatred where'er did go,

And everywhere brought pain and woe.

A kind word followed it one day,

Flew swiftly in its blessed way;

It healed the wounds, it sealed the pain,

And friends of old were friends again;

It made hates and anger cease,

And everywhere brought joy and peace.

But yet the harsh word left a trace

The kind word could not efface;

And, though the heart its love retained

It bore a scar that long remained;

Friends could forgive, but not forget,

Or else the sense of keen regret.

Oh, if we could but learn to know,

How swift and cruel one word can go

How would we weigh with utmost care

Each thought before it sought the air;

And only speak the words that move

Like white-winged messengers of love!


 November 3, 2002 Volume 51 - 44



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Bible Study………………7:30 p.m.

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