Welcome to everyone. We pray that everyone will be encouraged and edified by our time together today and

that God will be pleased with our worship to Him.


Our speakers today will be:

Morning Worship Don McMullin

Evening Worship Don McMullin


'I think that God will never send,

A gift so precious as a friend,

A friend who always understands,

And fills each need as it demands,

Whose loyalty will stand the test,

When skies are bright and overcast.

Who sees the fault that merits blame,

But keeps on loving just the same.

Earth's gifts a sweet contentment lend,

But only God can give a friend.'








News and Notes

REMEMBER IN PRAYER: Wes Taylor, Jack Hoover, Don Snure, Becky Morgan, Billie and Jack Cartwright, Lynda Russell, Tracey Heuston and several members who have colds and the flu.

BIRTHDAYS: Happy Birthday to Jack Cartwright on the 3rd, Debra-Lyn Jaggard on the 5th and Jason Budai on the 7th. May God bless you in the next year.

BULLETIN ITEMS: If you have any items for the bulletin for the month of March, please give them to Dianne Gardner.

MONTHLY ACTIVITIES: There is a list on the back bulletin board for monthly activities. If you are able to plan and host an activity please sign the list.

POTLUCK: Today is our potluck and Annual Corporation meeting. Please plan to stay for good food, fellowship and the meeting.

GAMES NIGHT: Next Saturday evening there will be a Games Night here at the building. Please plan to come for an evening of fun and fellowship. Please bring your favourite game and some snacks.

COMING EVENTS: Please see the back bulletin board for coming events in the area.

TRAINING FOR SERVICE MEETING: The Annual Training for Service meeting will be on Friday March 29, 2002 from 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. at the Cawthra Park Secondary School in Mississauga. Please see details on the back bulletin board.

CALENDARS: Please mark your calendars for the following events: