Fennell Visitor February 12, 2001


A warm welcome is extended to everyone. It is our prayer that our worship will be acceptable and pleasing to God and that everyone will be encouraged. If you are visiting with us today we extend a special welcome to you and invite you to return again.




The Universal Language

If a courteous word or two will make a person feel good, then only a knave will fail to give it to him.

Courtesy is thoughtfulness gently moving from an unselfish heart.

Courtesy will make you liked. It casts a spell as it manifests little acts of attention and consideration, giving others the preference while eating, sitting, standing, walking, in the shop, in the office and at play.

Courtesy is the password to the world. It is the universal language.

Speak it and the world listens. It makes you welcome. Like oil to machinery, it keeps associations running smoothly.

And it doesn’t cost a cent!


(taken from the Pinehill Messenger)






Service Schedule for Next Sunday – Feb. 18, 2001

Announcements – C. Gardner

Song Leader – D. Jaggard

Prayer A.M. – C. Gardner

Lord’s Table – F. Tubman

Reader – J. Shaboluk

Emblem Bearers – M. Tubman, J. Hoover

Cups – W. Moore, W. Burnett

Next Ladies’ Class – Feb. 13

Next Potluck – March 4



News and Notes

REMEMBER IN PRAYER: Please pray for the following: Harold Rutledge, Bob Hibbard, Rob Whitfield, Jeff Cox, Betty Saunders, Kyle Holt, Dorothy Kindy, Peter MacDonald, Colin Johnson, George Layman, Brian Meener, Audrey Cox, Joey Merling, Don Snure, Becky Morgan, Ian Bonneville, Billie and Jack Cartwright, those suffering from colds and the flu.

BIRTHDAYS: Happy Birthday to Tina and Stephanie Prowse who celebrate on the 14th. Have a wonderful Birthday girls! Belated Happy Birthday greetings also go out to Doug Johnson who celebrated on the 5th.

ANNIVERSARY: Happy Anniversary to Dolly and Jack Hoover who celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 16th. We wish you many more happy years together!

SPECIAL LADIES’ CLASS FOR FEBRUARY: February’s Ladies’ Class will be on the 13th at Madeline’s at 7:30 p.m. Please join us as we study the book of Ruth and enjoy our annual Secret Sister celebration and assign new ones for the coming year.

CONGREGATIONAL AND CORPORATION MEETINGS: Sunday, March 4. February potluck has been changed to March 4 followed by the Congregational Meeting and then the Corporation Meeting. Evening service will be cancelled.

BIBLE BOWL: will be May 26. Please sign the list to join one of our teams (junior, senior, and adult). Let’s get our teams organized quickly so that we can begin our study of Matthew.




Feb. 13 -- Ladies’ Class – Madeline’s home at 7:30 p.m.

Feb. 23-24 – Meaford Youth Rally (Feb.18 final reg. Day)

Mar. 4 -- Potluck followed by annual meetings

Apr. 27-28 – GLCC Youth Rally

Mar. 30 – Apr. 1 – Spring Spiritual Renewal in Beamsville

Apr. 21 -- Clean up day

May 26 -- Bible Bowl – time and place TBA


If one is observant in his studies, he will from time to time discover humor in the "Good Book." Paul’s explanation of the importance of every member of Christ’s body in first Corinthians, chapter 12, strikes this writer as being done with a touch of good humor.

One is amused as he listens to the eye, ear, hand, feet and head discussing their importance to the body and whether they are in need of one another.

EACH IS IMPORTANT Even though you may be an identical twin, there is no one in the world just like you. You are unique and there is no one who can make a contribution to life exactly as you. Neither is there anyone who can take your place in God’s great plan. We might try to be a "hand" when we are "foot" or an "ear" when we are really an "eye". But we will fail. It is vain to try and mimic the talents and abilities of others. Why not be just yourself and make your unique contribution to the service of Christ?

DROOPING AND DYING The story is told of a king who entered his garden to find everything drooping and dying. Speaking to the trees he found the oak discouraged because it wasn’t as tall and beautiful as a pine. The pine was pining away because it couldn’t bear apples like the apple tree. The apple tree was upset because it didn’t smell like a spruce.

THE SENSIBLE PANSY The king, in turn, came to a bright and smiling pansy. It said, "I am small and of little account, but I concluded you wanted a pansy when you planted me. So I am bound to be the best pansy that I can.

CONCLUSION Have you accepted your humble place in the kingdom of God? Are you practicing good "pansy sense?"

(written by David M. Johnson and appeared in The Visitor in 1969)

(submitted by Wilma Moore)



February 11, 2001 Volume 4 - 6