Fennell Visitor October 29, 2000


A warm welcome is extended to everyone today. We pray that everyone will be edified and encouraged as we worship our Heavenly Father together. If you are

visiting with us we welcome you and invite you to come back again.

It is hard...

To forget

To apologize

To save money

To be unselfish

To avoid mistakes

To keep out of a rut

To begin all over again

To make the best of all things

To keep your temper at all times

To think first and act afterwards

To maintain a high standard

To keep on keeping on

To shoulder blame

To be charitable

To admit error

To take advice

To forgive

But it always pays!

(Based on Matthew 7:1-2)

News and Notes

REMEMBER IN PRAYER: Please pray for the following: Mary and Don Burgoin, Peter MacDonald, Colin Johnson, George

Layman, Wendy Burnett, Elizabeth Hunter, Mike Gosselin, Brian Meener, Audrey Cox, Joey Merling, Don Snure, Dora

Hunter, Becky Morgan, Ian Bonneville, Billie and Jack Cartwright, Bill Hackett, and those suffering from colds and the flu.

BIRTHDAY: Happy Birthday to Victoria Prowse who celebrates on Nov. 3. We hope that you have a great Birthday,


INREACH/OUTREACH MINISTRY MEETING: is planned for Monday October 30, 7:30 p.m. at the building to discuss the

upcoming Meeting with Earl Greene and the 50th Anniversary.

MEETING AT FENWICK: Nov. 5 8 are the dates for the meeting in Fenwick with Bill Swartz. The topic is "Cancelled

Debts, The Power of Forgiveness".

80th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION: There will be a birthday celebration for Evelyn Perry at Tintern this evening following


GLCC CHORUS TO BE HERE DEC. 3: We are pleased to announce that the GLCC Chorus will be singing here during the

evening service on Sunday Dec. 3. We are asking everyone to bring a potluck dish to the building at 5 p.m. on that day in

order to provide them with a meal.

PANTRY ITEM FOR THIS MONTH: Pasta and sauces (no Kraft Dinner please)

CLOTHING DRIVE: Remember to bring in winter clothing so that they can be distributed to those who are less fortunate.




The day was long, the burden I had borne

Seemed heavier than I could longer bear,

And then it lifted, but I did not know

Someone had knelt in prayer;

Had taken me to God that very hour,

And asked the easing of the load, and He,

In infinite compassion, had stooped down

And taken it from me.

We cannot tell how often as we pray

For some bewildered one,

Hurt and distressed,

The answer comes,

But many times those hearts

Find sudden peace and rest.

Someone had prayed,

And Faith, a reaching hand,

Took hold of God,

And brought Him down that day!

So many, many hearts

Have need of prayer:

Oh, let us pray!

--Grace Noll Crowell

October 29, 2000 Volume 3 - 44