The Fennell Visitor - April 1, 2001



Welcome to everyone. It is our hope and prayer that everyone will be encouraged and edified from having worshiped together this day. If you are visiting with us we extend a special welcome to you and invite you to return often.



Speak Getitly

Do not let the sun go down on cross words you have said. It's not way God wants it, in the Bible it can be read. Angry words can only hurt not others but yourself too. Remember when you think out loud, hear others point of view.

Others may have an answer that after words you say.

Do not be compulsive in deeds or thoughts today.

Recognize the things you say, don't let a day go by

To thank the Lord for giving you life beyond His sky.

Angry words are uttered in pain when you are hurt

Think them over carefully, out of your mouth you won't


When it comes to speaking, speak gently when you do.

Listen very intently to another's point of view.

Written bv Gladys Buidai




Service Schedule for Next Sunday

Announcements - B. Hibbard

Song Leader - D. Jaggard

Prayer A.M. - F. Tubman

Lord's Table - C. Gardner

Reader - M. Tubman

Emblem Bearers - T. Moore, S. Bud-ni

Cups - M. Cook, D. Gardner

Next Ladies' Class - April 10

Next Potluck - April 29

April 8 2001

News and Notes

REMEMBER IN PRAYER: Please pray for the following: Jennifer Wilson at the death of her grandmother, the Holt family at the death of Kyle, Bob Hibbard, Cliff Simmons, Harold Rutledge, Jeff Cox, Betty Saunders, Colin Johnson, George Layrnan, Brian Meener, Audrey Cox, Joey Merling, Don Snure, Becky Morgan, Ian Bonneville, Billie and Jack Cartwright, those with colds or the flu.

BIRTHDAYS: Happy Birthday to Becky Love who celebrates

on the 3 and to Nelle Bachuk who celebrates on the 6 . We hope that you both have wonderful Birthdays I

ANNIVERSARY: Happy Anniversary to Jack and Billie

Cartwright who have a wedding anniversary on the 3rd. May

God bless you both!

BIBLE BOWL PRACTICE. AND SOCIAL A "Banana Split Party" and an evening of practice for the upcoming Bible Bowl will be held at the home of the Gardner's at 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 7. Please bring a banana.




April 7 - Bible Bowl practice & social at the Gardner's

April IO -Ladies' Class

Apr. 21 - Clean up day

Apr. 27-28 - GLCC Youth Rally

Apr. 29 - Potluck

May 26 - Bible Bowl





As it is promised by the wind,

As it is tendered in the heart,

As it is written across the sky...

Love makes all things possible.

Love is hope's shining star




Practice What You Preach

By Roy A. Crutcher

We have all heard the old saying, 'Practice what you preach.' But, do we always do it? I heard someone say, recently, "Why is it that we practice a lot of religion, but not much Christianity?" As unfortunate as it is, the reason many people may be rejecting Christianity is because they are seeing too much religion and not enough Christianity. What does this mean? Religion is defined as 'A personal or institutionalized system grounded in such belief and worship...'[AHD]. Grounded is a key word here. If one is not well-grounded and not firmly committed, then it is very likely that one will not practice what he preaches. Perhaps this can be best explained by looking at a passage of scripture. James, in 1:27, uses the words, "Pure and undefiled religion." This is an indication that one's religion could be defiled or impure rather than pure and undefiled. In this case, one is not likely to practice what he preaches. He may spout a lot of scripture and doctrinal concepts, but have a lifestyle that is totally inconsistent with those principles. Christianity is defined as, 'The Christian religion, founded on the life and teachings of Jesus.' [AHD]. If one's religion is in Christianity, then one must preach/ teach those standards that were taught and practiced by Jesus Christ and his disciples. If one does teach these things, then he should also practice what he preaches. When someone speaks of seeing too much religion and not enough Christianity, he is saying that he sees people who make the claim of being a Christian, but who do not practice what Christianity teaches. May God help us all to strive to not only know the teachings of Christ, but to reenact those very same teachings in our own lives by practicing what we preach.

( Roy A. Crutcher preaches at the Church of Christ of North Broward, Coconut Creek, Florida.)

(taken from Bulletin Gold)


April 1, 2001 Volume 4 - 13