Half Birds 

By Roelf L. Ruffner 

Recently the media was a buzz with a report of the remains of a "bird-like" dinosaur found in Argentina. It claimed this creature could have flapped its forearms like a modern bird. Paul Recer, Associated Press reporter, quoted an Argentine scientist as saying, "This gives powerful new evidence that the gentle world of birds evolved millions of years ago from the 'terrible lizards'" ("Bird-like Dinosaur Found," Wichita Falls Times Record News, May 21, 1997). 

Once again we have a gullible, sensation-crazed press falling for the old evolutionary propaganda. A scientist finds fragments of bone, uses a flawed dating technique to make it "millions" of years old and then proceeds to put the pieces together to explain an elaborate preconceived theory. No one doubts because he says he is a scientist! 

The televised news conference revealed the silliness of this approach. The scientist had displayed a silhouette of what he hoped the animal had looked like. There was this huge outline of a dinosaur based on twenty bones (many of the bones were pieces or fragments of bone). How ridiculous! If you have a jigsaw puzzle of 100 pieces and 95 of them are missing, you cannot possibly claim to know what the completed puzzle looks like. But this shows the basic flaw of the evolutionist. His blind belief in the theory of evolution forces him to draw such unwarranted conclusions from meager to nonexistent evidence. 

The alleged dinosaur was named Unenlagia comahuensis, which means "half bird from northwest Patagonia." You may have seen half-of-a-bird, but have you ever seen a half bird? Did a mama dinosaur give birth to a half-bird dinosaur baby? The Argentine scientist claims that Unenlayia "lived on a dead end twig of the evolutionary branch which led eventually to modern birds." This was a convenient way for him to cover his tracks. 

The scientist also claimed "birds are living dinosaurs." It bothers the evolutionary community immensely because they cannot explain the sudden disappearance of this very successful part of the animal kingdom. Some try to blame it on a supposed asteroid for suddenly wiping out the dinosaurs, but what about the "half bird" dinosaurs? This doctor theorizes that dinosaurs just "evolved" into hummingbirds! They are just one of those "missing links" which don't exist anymore. 

The biblical account of Creation makes more sense than the speculation of the evolutionist. God spoke the earth and its living creatures into existence, including dinosaurs and birds (except man whom he "formed" ­ Gen. 2:7). 
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Published September 1997